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7 Pcs Occult Spirits Necklace
7 Pcs Occult Spirits Necklace
7 Pcs Occult Spirits Necklace
7 Pcs Occult Spirits Necklace
7 Pcs Occult Spirits Necklace

7 Pcs Occult Spirits Necklace

Secret Reign

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Who are your sun and stars? Or well, in this case, planets?

This seven-piece necklace is inscribed with the names of Olympian Spirits as described in the 1575 grimoire Arbatel De Magia Veterum. Each spirit corresponds to a planet or the sun. They are:

Aratron, The alchemist who commanded seventeen million six hundred and forty thousand spirits. Saturn
Bethor, Who commands twenty-nine thousand legions of spirits. Jupiter
Phaleg, The War-Lord. Mars
Och, The alchemist, physician, and magician. Sun
Haggith, The transmuter of metals, and commander of four thousand legions of spirits.
Ophiel, Who commands one hundred thousand legions of spirits. Mercury
Phul, The lord of the powers of the moon and supreme lord of the waters. Moon


This occult pendant is also inscribed with each spirit's sigil and the corresponding planet's astrological/astronomical sign. Wear the one that suits your needs for the day, or wear them all and be the center of your universe! It's also the perfect gift for yourself and the people you want to keep in your orbit.

Necklace Type: Pendant Necklaces
Chain Type: Figaro Chain
Length: 50CM

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