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Working with moon phases

Working with moon phases

I’m dabbling in some astrology magic, and have decided that the moon and its phases are a good place to start. But for some reason, I just couldn’t wrap my head around what the full and new moon meant. Like are we supposed to release things that no longer serve us on the full or new moon? What if I do it wrong, will it cause more harm than good?

First let’s acknowledge that many practitioners of magic advise not practicing on the actual full and new moon. Sometimes it’s best to leave this energy to do its own thing, or the moon is not in a favorable sign, or not aspecting other planets well, and sometimes it’s being eclipsed.

But my misunderstanding of the moon went even deeper until I simply thought of it as a cycle of breath. So it starts at empty (new moon), then it’s filling up, waxing, then it’s full, then it’s waning, and finally back to empty. We can take a breath and observe all of these phases.

The fullness is a completion at the mid point, and everything that can, has been done. At this time, we cannot put any more energy in, it’s already full. Then the next phase is the return to the starting point. Simply being aware of this energy can bring greater understanding of when to push forward, when to stop, and when to sit back and reap the rewards, or simply observe the consequences of past actions. Even without rituals, it’s a really simple guide that can be used to see where we are in the cycle, and it allows us a way of working with the energy rather than fighting against it.

The moon is the closest celestial body, and it controls the tides on earth, it’s a good place to start observing cosmic energy if you’re new to astrology or magic. The moon sign in your birth chart is also a great place to start exploring your inner world.

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