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What's the big news for May 2021?

What's the big news for May 2021?

Jupiter entering Pisces on May 13th - July 27th. What’s the big deal? Jupiter has been traveling through the Saturn ruled signs of Capricorn and Aquarius for the last few years, and that has put a serious damper on his happy-go-lucky energy. Now entering his own domicile of Pisces, Jupiter can do Jupiter stuff in an uninhibited way, and without being checked by the sobriety and limitations of Saturn. Jupiter is best known for expansion, growth, luck, positivity, and prosperity. And if you were born during the day time, Jupiter is your friend indeed. 

So what would be a good use of this energy? This is a great time to start a project or begin a journey in learning something new, or an actual journey, if you’re ready for one. It might also be a good time to come back to an abandoned idea or project with some new inspiration. Many of us might also feel a general sense of positivity and lightness too.

Be ware though that this transit is temporary, and what Jupiter brings might get reversed or take a back seat for a wile as he retrogrades back into Aquarius. But the longer Jupiter in Pisces transit will come right back at the end of 2021, and will last about a year, so hang in there, and mind the Saturn Uranus squares while you’re at it. 

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