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Venus conjunct Chiron March 28 2021

Venus conjunct Chiron March 28 2021

This weekend, March 28th 2021, Venus is meeting up with Chiron in the sign of Aries. I was trying to distill this merging of energies in one simple sentence, then I saw the sign “Brazilian Bikini Special.” It’s got everything, beauty, pain, sex, pleasure, vanity, and it’s even a bit spendy.  So to break this down a bit, Venus is the planet of beauty, harmony, money, and luxurious goods. Chiron is the wounded healer who can help others but suffers endlessly himself. This conjunction might bring on some deep pain associated with our self worth, what we value, and insecurities surrounding our appearance. It’s good to remember that while processing the pain brought about by Chiron is extremely valuable for growth and healing, we cannot expect to banish or heal it completely. One of the biggest lessons of Chiron is to accept our wounds as part of our human condition. This does not mean we should wallow in our misery, but rather find ways to reach others and help them process and heal their pain. Chiron has as much to do with our individual pain as it does with the collective pain of all humanity, and Venus is about coming together in harmonious partnership.

If you have this conjunction in your natal chart, or other Venus/Chiron aspects, you may be well versed in this brand of discomfort. And if you have placements at about 8 degrees of Aries, you may feel this energy even more. The sun is also right there to intensify things, oh and did I mention full moon in Libra too? Get ready to feel all the feels. 


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