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The little things magnified

The little things magnified

Many of us know about the Saturn Jupiter conjunction happening Dec 21 2020 in Aquarius, this marks the beginning of these conjunctions in air signs. Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini are all air signs. and even if you don’t care about astrology, this is an astronomical phenomenon that happens every 20 years. These conjunctions happen in one sign element for about 200 years and then switch to another one.

The last time we had an air cycle was 1206. So I was looking at what was going on in 1206 and found this: “Sugar, an import from the Muslim world, is mentioned for the first time in a royal English account...”

Ok so think of the implication of this seemingly small thing such as sugar mentioned for the first time in the west, and then think of what happened in the next 800 years because everyone likes sugar so much. Colonization and slavory, and we’re still feeling the effects very strongly in our society.

I immediately thought of Kara Walker's instillation “The Sugar Sphinx” it’s like she reached back 800 years into time and pulled this thing out, pulled it out of our collective subconscious. And all this pain and suffering started with a mention of a taste, something sweet, exotic, something pleasureful and indulgent. So here's the butterfly effect 800 years in the making. And here we are at another conjunction. What will the next sugar be? Has it already begun it’s destructive process? Can we be smart enough not to feed into our greed this time? Can we learned that Saturn and Jupiter are trying to teach us without destroying each other?


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