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The big three (sun sign)

The big three (sun sign)

This one might be the placement everyone is familiar with. After all, when someone asks your sign, they mean which sign of the zodiac is your sun. We can thank the 1940’s newspaper columns for popularizing sun sigh astrology, and all we need to know is the day we were born.

The sun is a very potent element in the birth chart. It’s constant and it illuminates all that is visible. It is associated with the intellect and the ego. The topics of the house where your sun is, are often of great importance in your life. But in terms of your personality, it is the core. If the ascendant is a mask, and the moon is your moods and emotions, the sun is your inner drive. Your sun sign can tell you how you approach practical matters and what kind of energy you have. It’s a great way to start exploring who you are, but we all need all the other elements in our chats to understand all our depths and dimensions. 

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