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The big three (moon sign)

The big three (moon sign)

The placement of the moon in your birth chart can say a lot about your inner world and your emotions. Unlike the ascendant which always marks your first house, and your descendant (7th house,) the moon can end up in any house. It moves rather fast and only spends a couple of days in each sign. This is another reason to know your time of birth. The moon also has a lot to do with our mother and female figures in our life. It’s also about the physical change of our bodies and all that is subject to a cycle in our lives. We can observe the different phases of the moon daily, and we can observe our changing emotions, moods, and changes to our bodies as well.

If you have ever wondered why you react to situations the way you do, look at the sign where the moon is, and think about how that colors your inner world and reactions. Are you easily hurt or triggered? Or the opposite, feel disconnected from your emotions? More insight is waiting once you discover your moon sign. 

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