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The big three (ascendant)

The big three (ascendant)

When people are in the first stages of learning astrology, they often feel overwhelmed with all the glyphs in their birth chart. Also if they start reading the 20 page accompanying interpretation of their whole chart, things can get confusing fast.

So here’s an easy place you can start with your chart. It’s “the big three” that is, ascendant, sun, and moon signs. 

Let’s start with the meaning of the ascendant. The ascendant is the rising sign. The sign that was just coming over the horizon as you were born. The rising signs change about every two hours through the day, so it’s very important to know the exact time of birth to determine your ascendant sign.

The ascendant sign is also the signs of your first house. Your first house is all about you, and how you come across to others. This placement is also why people don’t always identify with their sun sign, because they may feel much more like the ascendant. In a way, it’s a mask, our outward facing side. 

Another neat thing about the ascendant and the first house, is that it is opposite the descendant and the 7th house. Which is our house of one on one relationships. And because of the way the zodiac signs are configured, the opposite signs are, well, opposite. So in a way, we attract the opposite in our partnerships for better or for worse. It’s sort of a way of balancing who we are with who we aren’t. This is an oversimplification of course, and perhaps opposite is not the right word, but the opposing signs of the zodiac can teach us a lot. In this case, about us and who we attract into partnerships with us. So consider your rising sign and the characteristics it’s imposing, then consider the opposite, the 7th house sign. This may reveal things about your relationships with others without getting too deep into all the other considerations of the chart.

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