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The asteroid goddesses: Vesta (the self/devotion)

The asteroid goddesses: Vesta (the self/devotion)

The asteroids in your birth chart and in transit can be a great addition to understanding your chart. The archetype of Vesta is all about retreating into oneself to nurture the flame and the passion within. According to myth, Vesta refused to wed, instead she devoted herself to the work of tending the sacred fire.
She is associated with the ascendant (self) and the unwillingness to share herself. 

Though Vesta is associated with home, hearth, and family, she is not domestic like a wife or mother, she nurtures through order and structure. She’s a virgin, but much like Virgo, her "virginity" has to do with the process of transforming a virgin substance into its refined state. Vesta's archetype can also be expressed through sex work or ritualistic sexual healing. It can be difficult to reconcile these polarities, but they are in fact two sides of the same coin. The nun, spinster, and a woman performing sexual acts as a job, or as a ritual, represents two extremes of one whole. But one thing she has no desire to be, is a wife or mother.

Those amongst us who have a prominently placed Vesta in our charts (meaning 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th house, or near the ascendant, descendant, MC or IC, might see her archetype play out in our lives, or even family histories. Her transit through our houses may bring about changes in respect to those house topics. Right now, January 19 - April 20 2021, Vesta is in the middle of her retrograde cycle in the sign of Virgo. Look for her house placement in your birth chart for more insight.

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