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The asteroid goddesses: Pallas (the tomboy)

The asteroid goddesses: Pallas (the tomboy)

I think of Pallas Athena as the “tomboy” archetype. After emanating from her father’s head without mom’s involvement, she became the goddess of wisdom, war, and artisans, and remained her father’s favorite. She was a virgin godless by virtue of her androgynous spirit and inability to access her femininity. Her archetype is why till this day, powerful women have trouble finding those not intimidated by their power and wit.
In a man’s chart Athena can stand for the ability to win via diplomacy.
If she is prominent in your chart (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th house, near the ascendant, descendant, IC or MC,) her archetype can show you where in your life you’re winning, but at the price of repressing your feminine qualities and venerability. Because of her powerful defense strategies in war, she can also stand for the body’s immune system. Right now the asteroid Pallas is traveling through the sign of Pisces, where she will be retrograde in July - November 2021, so perhaps a great time to reflect on her archetype and meaning.

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