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The asteroid goddesses: Juno (partnerships and marriage)

The asteroid goddesses: Juno (partnerships and marriage)

In my opinion we can’t answer a question pertaining to relationships without looking at the asteroid Juno. She is a manifestation of Venus who yearns for committed relationships that are fair and equal.
She was a powerful queen of Argos who ruled over economic prosperity and growth. And when Jupiter/Zeus came to conquer Argos, he married Juno to amalgamate the two cultures. She is often portrayed as the angry, jealous wife, but for good reason. She willingly gave up a part of herself to form a union with the other, but she got screwed. She gave up her power in hopes of an equal partnership, but Jupiter was not a loyal or committed partner, so she acted out, and got her nasty reputation. Juno represents the union, but also the sacrifice which is a compromise of autonomy. She is the reason why the summer months, and June in particular, is popular for getting married. She is associated with the 7th house and the descendant, but her presence in any house can tell us very much about our partnerships.
Likewise her transits can signal beginnings and endings in relationships as well. Juno is now traveling through Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter (her partner for better or worse.) She is going retrograde April 13th through August 3 2021, so think carefully about your wedding plans. Later this year (mid November,) she will be going into Capricorn, which is a Saturn ruled sign. Saturn has many negative connotations, but in terms of relationships, it can signify commitment and serious long term goals.

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