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The asteroid goddesses: Ceres (the mother)

The asteroid goddesses: Ceres (the mother)

The asteroid Ceres is the mother archetype, but her story also deals with child loss, rape, and eating disorders. According to mythology, her daughter Proserpina was taken to the underworld, and and violated by the god Pluto. When Ceres realized what happened, she caused massive crop failure on earth, which threatened human existence. The other gods tried to pacify her by attempting to get Proserpina back. But they could not fully return her because she had already eaten food from the underworld. Thus Proserpina had to split her time between the two worlds, that of her mother, and that of her captor Pluto. This is the myth that also explains the seasons and why crops are seasonal, which is due of the sorrow and grief of Ceres when she is forced to give up her daughter every year.
So a prominently placed Ceres in your chart can have lots of delineations, prominent meaning in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th house, or aspecting any personal planet or ascendant/descendant/IC/MC. The nurturing of Ceres can be presented as someone who gardens, is passionate about food or baking, or works as a nutritionist or dietitian. There can be a component of helping others through food, or helping others heal sexual trauma or abandonment. There can also be a literal loss of children or a yearning for them. Adoption can also fall into the scope for a strong Ceres placement. Also issues with food like anorexia or bulimia, (sometimes as a result of sexual trauma,) can be reflected through Ceres' placement in the chart. This is because nourishment is tied to feeling safe in our bodies, and when we no longer do, we try to regain control through various restrictions of food. The literal role of a mother early on, is to feed and comfort, and when there is a disruption in this relationship, issues surrounding food are often observed.
There is a great potential for healing trauma by working with the archetype of Ceres and her mythology in our birth chart and via transits. Ceres will be spending a lot of time in Taurus and Gemini this year due to a retrograde, look for her placement in your natal chart if you identify with any of the aspects of her story.

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