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Astrology isn't always the answer

Astrology isn't always the answer

Setting boundaries has been a hot topic lately. Boundaries when it comes to toxic relatives and coworkers, or just setting limitations in our lives to limit burnout. 2020 has certainly slammed it’s own set of boundaries on the whole world in the form of social distancing and isolation.

It’s not a coincidence that as Saturn began its transit through Capricorn in 2017, we have started talking more about the importance of boundaries. Saturn is the planet of restrictions, boundaries, and limitations. Both Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn, and it's free do do as it wishes in these signs. There's no doubt that we will continue to focus on boundaries, as Saturn takes its turn in Aquarius for the next 3 years. So why do I bring this up?

1. Like with everything, we need to be mindful of boundaries when we ask certain things of astrology. As the craft gains popularity, people get excited and start casting birth charts of everyone they know. So we get questions like "Why has my husband's cousin never been in a relationship, he’s a Leo, shouldn’t he be confident?” We can look at his chart, or we can mind our own business, because this cousin didn't ask for astrological help himself. Or we can form a better relationship with our family members, which will give us much more of a well rounded understanding of who they are, instead of peeping at their birth chart, or sharing it online for strangers to speculate.

2. Looking at birth charts of babies and children, a mistake I regret making. There are many reasons not to do this, some are karmic and complicated, but the most practical reason is that it will color the interaction with the child, and the caregiver will forever be looking for traits of what they saw (and most likely misinterpreted) in the chart. Keep in mind that some planets and asteroids stay in signs for years and years. These generational planets will be in the same signs in the charts of many people. So if I learn that my baby has Chiron in Aries, and I read that it’s “the worst placement”, that can very well send me into a panic tailspin. But guess what? Millions of people have this placement because everyone born in this same 3 years has it too. It’s much better to get some parenting books based in attachment theory instead of reading a kid's chart.

3. It’s in poor taste, to speculate why someone died based on astrology. This came up as part of the BLM movement, as many astrologers scrambled to dissect the birth charts of the Black men and women who became victims of violence at the hands of the police. I'm not saying it’s always wrong to use astrology, and there may be reasons why family members want to look at birth charts or consult professionals, but that's private, and we should have respect for the dead. It’s not helpful to find that someone was "meant to die" on a specific day when their death was a horrible violent act. It’s not helpful to fish for transits that may explain why this or that tragedy happened. When people do this, they seek to find something that proves them right, that shows that they are good detectives, and a good astrologer. In doing so, they lose sight of the tragedy. So please be thoughtful and ask yourself if using astrology is the best thing for the situation at hand. Sometimes what we need instead is real connection with people, a helpful book, counseling, or just some quiet contemplation.

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