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Anaretic degree of Mars in Aries and the storming of the White House

Anaretic degree of Mars in Aries and the storming of the White House

“The U.S. Capitol descended into chaos and violence Wednesday as hundreds of pro-Trump rioters swarmed the building and at least one person was shot dead, forcing the Senate to evacuate and Vice President Mike Pence to be ushered to a secure location.”

It’s now nearly 7pm (ET) as I write this. And Mars went into Taurus at 5:27pm (ET.) As fat as I understand, the situation was under control by this time. I’ll explain why this is very loaded astrologically speaking, but first, let’s acknowledge the tragedy and a life lost. 

Mars is the planet of war traditionally, it’s negative in a lot of contexts, but also gives us drive and potency. Mars rules Aries (traditionally the first sign of the zodiac.) Mars is at home in Aries, they work well together, but the energy can be described as explosive and short lived. Sometimes we need this kind of heat in order to transform and forge ahead, but we can’t sustain this energy for long. 

Every two years or so, Mars goes retrograde, and in 2020 it went retrograde in Aries. Here’s the timeline (and remember, zodiac signs are 30 degrees.)

June 28th, 2020 Mars enters Aries. It plots along till it’s almost through the sign at 28 degrees, then it stops and turns around on September 9th. It goes back till it reaches 15 degrees on November 13th, and starts going direct again. It takes Mars all of the rest of November, and all of December to make it back to where it started going backwards. So now we’re at January 6th when Mars finally switched signs into Taurus at 5:27pm (ET.)

So from June till January, Mars has been grinding its way through Aries, a transit which usually takes about two months, has taken over 6 months! 

What is so special about today and the last degree of a sign? The 29th degree is an anaretic degree. It is considered weak, unbalanced, and desperate. Basically the energies of the sign at this last degree can come out intensified or chaotic. And the protests and violence at the White House happened as Mars was clinging to this last degree of Aries.

I’m thinking of this as a cork pop at a pressurized point of finally changing energy, and the events at the White House coincidentally or not reflect this huge shift. In Taurus, Mars may be a bit tampered and restrained by Taurus’ sustained and slow pace. Here’s hoping for more peaceful times ahead, but we’re far from out of the woods as 2021 continues to unfold. 

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